Ballerinas for Christmas?

by abigwardrobe

What do you think about foldable ballet pumps proposed by a lot of brads right now?

I confess: love them as they seems so confortable….just what you need after a night spent partying on my 14cm heels!

There are some types really cute in stores, I want one but I can’t decide.
There are these ones bt Cocorose London, you can buy it by online store. Price is quite good and there are a lot of colours… They costs from 30 to 45 pounds (the ones you can see here in photo is 35 pounds) plus delivery, obv.




I really like also the model made by Alberto Guardiani, seen here in Naples and Rome stores. Lot of colours and a lovely christmas packaging (could I have them under my christmas tree please?). I like this colour, very good for these holidays! They cost 37 euro, in store Alberto Guardiani.